KRS 258 requires that all dog, cat, and ferret owners have their pet initially vaccinated by the age of four months and revaccinated against rabies at the expiration of the immunization period as certified by a veterinarian.


All dogs, cats, etc. that have bitten any person are quarantined to try and prevent the spread of rabies in the animal population and to protect humans from contracting the disease.


The animals are quarantined for a minimum of ten days from the date of the bite at a place designated by the Health Department. Animals that seem healthy at the end of the 10 days are released.


Any animal that shows signs or symptoms of rabies, or dies before the end of 10 day period, must be euthanized and the head sent in to an approved laboratory for testing.


In the event a biting animal tests positive for rabies, the Health Department shall assist persons involved in receiving the rabies vaccine.