Q. Can I come to the health department to be checked for STD’s or get birth control without my parents knowing?

A. Yes. All services are strictly confidential and it is not required for a parent to be present for these services. It is encouraged to discuss these things with your parents, they will only know if you choose to tell them.

Q. My baby is on WIC and we are running out of formula before we get our next vouchers. Can we get extra formula?

A. No. WIC is only a supplemental program. If you run out, you are responsible for buying more formula.

Q. My child has an appointment for shots today but is sick. Can he/she still get his/her vaccines?

A. If a child is running fever or if he/she feels moderately or severely ill the day of their appointment, it is not recommended for them to get vaccines that day. A mild illness with a low-grade temperature is usually not a problem.

Q. My child’s insurance doesn’t cover vaccines. Can I come to the health department to get a cheaper rate?

A. Yes, children without insurance or those whose insurance doesn’t cover vaccines are eligible for VFC vaccines. This stands for “Vaccines For Children” and they are vaccines set aside by the state at affordable rates for those without insurance coverage. The cost is based on a sliding scale that is determined by the number of people in the household and the house hold income.

Q. With all the information on the internet about vaccines and autism, I am scared for my child to receive them. Should I be concerned?

A. The CDC has found no link between autism and vaccines. Many of the websites claiming this type of information are not medically based and their studies, if any, are unreliable and have not approached their research in a well-grounded, scientific manner. For the most reliable information regarding vaccine safety, please click HERE.

Q. I am traveling to a foreign country soon and want to know which vaccines I need to get before my trip.

A. For foreign travel information on which vaccines are recommended for the country you’re traveling to, call #502-564-4478 or click HERE.
Here, the vaccines we have available for adults are Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tdap, MMR, and Varicella. Any other vaccines recommended may possibly be available at the McCracken County Health Department in Paducah, KY. Their number is 270-444-9631.