All individual sewage disposal systems installed in Christian County must be permitted through the Health Department. Site Evaluations are available at the Health Department. After the application is completed, an environmentalist performs a soil evaluation to determine suitability and location for the sewage system. This evaluation also determines design, type and size of the sewage system. When applying for a Site Evaluation, please bring a copy of the plat or deed of the property.


Onsite Fees are as follows:

Site Evaluation (new system) – $300.00

Permit to Construct (new system) – $320.00

Site Evaluation (repair) – $150.00

Permit to Replace Tank / D-Box / Laterals – $150.00 ea

Whole System Replacement – $320.00


For information on water meter permits and plumbing contact:

State Plumbing Inspector
(270) 886-1254