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Public Health Preparedness

 About Public Health Preparedness 

The Public Health Preparedness Department exists to educate the community on personal and family preparedness. It is likely that outside help would not be available in the event of a major man made (ex: bioterrorism) or natural (ex: earthquake) disaster for up to 72 hours. Every citizen should be prepared to care for themselves and their families for up to 72 hours by assembling and maintaining a disaster supplies kit and having a family disaster plan. Information is available through your local Public Health Preparedness Coordinator on creating a family disaster plan, creating a communications plan and assembling a disaster supplies kit.

Click here to download a Portable Disaster Kit Checklist

We can present information on preparedness at your business, civic organization or church. Contact Christian County Health Department at
270-887-4160 to schedule a presentation tailored to your audience.

Weather radio programming available on NOAA Midland 100 Model (Available at Wal-Mart and other retail stores). Contact the Christian County Health Department at 270-887-4160 to schedule an appointment to have your weather radio programmed. 


Point of Dispensing Clinics
Strategic National Stockpile Program
Special Medical Needs Shelter Plan 

Likely Disasters In Our Area 

  • Outbreak of a communicable disease either through terrorism or naturally
  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Chemical Spills/Releases (Accidental or terrorism)
  • Earthquake
  • Severe Weather including Ice Storms, Tornados, Extreme Temperatures,
  • Thunderstorms
  • Public Health Preparedness FAQs

Q: I don’t have the money to buy all the supplies for a disaster kit. How can it be done more affordably?

A: Make a weekly or monthly list of several items that you can add to your kit instead of trying to purchase everything at one time.

Q: Can someone come and speak to our church, civic organization or business about preparedness?

A:Yes, presentations are available, ranging from very brief about how to make a family disaster plan and create a disaster kit to very detailed about different types of threats we face and preparing for different types of disasters and emergencies. Contact the preparedness coordinator at your local health dept.
Q: What is the 24/7 contact number for reporting health emergencies?

A: 270-890-1300 For notifiable/reportable conditions line or contact number call 502-564-3418or (888)-9REPORT

Q: What is the link for the electronic reportable disease?

A: Click HERE to download the Reportable Disease Form.

Q: Where can the Health Data information be obtain for Christian County?



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