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Environmental Health Services

Environmental and consumer protection programs for food service and public facilities, general sanitation, and on-site sewage disposal systems. Environmentalists are responsible for a variety of law-mandated inspections to help protect the health of the public by preventing food borne disease, the spread of rabies in the animal population, and assuring sanitary conditions in public facilities.
Environmental Services FAQs

1. What do I do if I suspect mold in my home?

There are currently no limits set by the EPA. Therefore mold is not regulated. Mold grows in moist environments, so eliminate sources of moisture and lower humidity.

Fix leaking faucets and drains, caulk and seal windows and tubs, use dehumidifiers in humid rooms such as basements. After correcting the moisture problem, wipe down area with a bleach solution of 1 capful of bleach per 1 gallon of water. For more information on mold refer to:

Environmental Management Branch - (502) 564-4856
Timmco of Clarksville – (931) 320-3747

Mold Home Protection Services of Henderson – (270) 860-0740

2. How often should my septic tank be serviced?

Every 3-5 years

3. I am building a house out in the county, what are the steps I need to take to have a septic system installed.

First you must come to the Christian County Health Department to fill out a site application. You must bring a copy of your deed or plat along with a fee of $200.00

Backhoe pits are required for the evaluation. The backhoe pits should be 42 inches deep and dug in the area you would like the septic system to be placed.

4. What do I do if I suspect I have a food borne illness?

In order to confirm a food borne illness, a stool or vomitus sample must be obtained and tested by a Physician. Contact the Christian County Health Department with any concerns related to food establishments in Christian County.

Food Service Establishments

Food service establishments include: restaurants, daycares, school cafeterias, and temporary booths. The enforcement of the State food laws and regulations is achieved through inspections, notice issuance, administrative conferences, and formal legal action. Establishments are inspected two times per year and when there is a complaint. The inspection reports for each week are listed in the Kentucky New Era each Tuesday. The reports are also required, by the Christian County Health Department Board, to be posted in a visible location to the public.

Passing Scores

A score of 85 or above with NO critical violations is considered a passing score and no other action is necessary.

85 or above with critical violations
Have up to 10 days to correct the critical violations

Critical violations must be corrected within 10 days and all other violations need to be corrected within 30 days.

Issue a notice of Intent to Suspend and Request for Conference or Hearing

Below 59%
Immediate Suspension Issue and Application to Reinstate and Request for Conference or Hearing

Immediate closure is necessary when the establishment has no hot water, the establishment has no electricity, the establishment has a severe pest infestation, or the establishment has raw sewage backing up on kitchen floor.

Click to download restaurant scores

Temporary Food Booths/Concessions

Individuals may set up a temporary food booth by applying for a permit at the Health Department. Permits must be approved before operation begins. All individuals will be required to meet the State Temporary Requirements. The cost for a Temporary 3 day permit is $25.00 and for a 4-14 day permit is $30.00. Once you have operated the allotted amount of time, you will not be able to operate in the same location for 30 days.

For more information on applying for a permit or to report at complaint, contact the Local Public Health Department at (270) 887-4160

Important Links

Kentucky Food Safety Branch

Kentucky Retail Food Code 

FDA Food Code

Information on Plan Submittal

All plans must be submitted to the local Health Department if your project has any of the following:

Food Processing                                Pools                                Mobile Food Unit
Boarding Homes                               Restaurant                        Food Vending
Bed & Breakfast                                Youth Camps                    Private Water/Sewage 
Correctional Facility                          Tatto Shops                      Good Storage Facility
Tanning Beds                                   Beaches                            Frozen Food Lockers
Grocery                                           Concessions                       Mobile Home Parks
Day Cares                                       Caterer                              Mobile Home & RV Park
Food Service                                   Micro-Processor                  Hotels/Motels

Prepaid postage must also be submitted to forward plans on to the State Department of Housing, Building and Construction, along with their corresponding fee and a Plan Application form for each set of plans required. Please click here to calculate fees, determine the number of plans needed, and download a copy of the Plan Application form.

Onsite Program-Septic System Fees 

All individual sewage disposal systems installed in Christian County must be permitted through the Health Department. Site Evaluations are available at the Health Department. After the application is completed, an environmentalist performs a soil evaluation to determine suitability and location for the sewage system. This evaluation also determines design, type and size of the sewage system. When applying for a Site

Evaluation, please bring a copy of the plat or deed of the property.

  • Onsite Fees are as follows:
  • Site Evaluation $200.00
  • Construction Permit $200.00
  • Existing System $75.00
  • Repair Permits Tank $75.00
  • Lines $75.00
  • D-Box $75.00
Homeowners Manual: Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems

Onsite Sewage Regulation

Onsite Sewage Disposal System Installer’s Regulation

For information on water meter permits and plumbing contact:
Jerry Doris, State Plumbing Inspector (270) 886-1254

Public Facilities

These include: Hotels/Motels, Mobile Home/RV Parks, Swimming Areas, Body Piercing and Tattoo Parlors, and Schools. New establishments must submit plans to the Local Public Health Department and be approved before they are allowed to operate.
Department of Public Health
Hotel/Motel Regulations
Youth Camp Regulations
Mobile Home Regulations
Swimming Area Regulations
Tattoo Regulations
Body/Ear Piercing Regulations 

Rabies Prevention Program 

KRS 258 requires that all dog, cat, and ferret owners have their pet initially vaccinated by the age of four months and revaccinated against rabies at the expiration of the immunization period as certified by a veterinarian. All dogs, cats, etc. that have bitten any person are quarantined to try and prevent the spread of rabies in the animal population and to protect humans from contracting the disease. The animals are quarantined for a minimum of ten days from the date of the bite at a place designated by the Health Department. Animals that seem healthy at the end of the 10 days are released. Any animal that shows signs or symptoms of rabies, or dies before the end of 10 day period, must be sacrificed and the head sent in to an approved laboratory for testing. In the event a biting animal tests positive for rabies, the Health Department shall assist persons involved in receiving the rabies vaccine.

Kentucky’s Rabies Program Website
Water Testing 

The Health Department will collect and test private water supplies for a fee of $15.00. The test is for bacterial contamination only. Water samples can be taken on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.


Mold Testing:

Environmental Management Branch 

Phone: 502-564-4856

Website click HERE

Timmco of Clarksvill

Phone: 931-320-3747

Home Protection Services of Henderson




Department for Public Health Environmental Lead Program

Phone: 502-564-4537



Contact the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Pest & Weed Branch 



Department of Public Health Division of Public Health Protection & Safety

Environmental Management Branch

Phone: 502-564-4856

Kentucky Radon Program


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