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Why Tobacco and Substance Abuse Education?

Among the information collected during focus group studies conducted in the FY 2014-2015 year, substance abuse education was listed as a need in the community with a primary focus on alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and tobacco. The Health Education team researched evidence-based programs and collected a series of curriculum to be utilized in the community among youth ages in order to educate students on the risk factors associated with substance abuse.


Tobacco and Death: Perfect Together Grades 7-12 and Adult

This single session program interviews real people whose lives have been ravaged by tobacco use. Information is intertwined with actual images of diseased lungs,damaged hearts, and various cancers to give viewers a true picture of the effects of tobacco. 


Freedom From Smoking

This 8 session program provides peer support as well as smoking patches to aid participants in success toward quitting smoking. Since it was first introduced almost 30 years ago, the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking® program has helped over a million Americans end their addiction to nicotine and begin new smoke free lives.


Everything You Need to Know About Substance Abuse-Grades 7-12 

Following this presentation, your students are sure to reevaluate their thoughts and behavior concerning substance abuse. Substances covered are tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, inhalants, stimulants, club drugs and performance-enhancing drugs.


Death By Alcohol-The Sam Spady Story - Grades 9-12

This single-session program reinforces the legal ramifications of underage drinking, as well as the health risks. See the Sam Spady story, and learn how easy it is for a tragedy like this to happen. Learn how to protect yourself and your friends from this happening to you.




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